Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is a full time job and is accountable for establishing (Simplified) Scrum as defined in this Guide. Being committed to Simplified Scrum’s inherent nudge at continuous experimentation and learning. They do this by helping everyone in- and outside the organization understand (Simplified) Scrum.

The Scrum Master is accountable for the overall effectiveness of (Simplified) Scrum within the context of the organization and its customers. They do this by enabling all involved to improve their practices, within the Simplified Scrum Guide.

Scrum Masters are facilitative and servant leaders for the larger organization.

The Scrum Masters lead in several ways, including:

– Mentoring and coaching all involved to flourish within Simplified Scrum and its learning heart;

– Helping all involved on creating a high level of transparency on the Simplified Scrum artifacts;

– Facilitate growth in effectiveness of related learning events (inspect + adapt);

– Ensuring that all Simplified Scrum events take place and are positive, productive, and kept within the timebox.

(entire chapter based on the Product Owner chapter in the 2020 Scrum Guides)

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